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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Announcement: Warehouse Mobile Devices Portal improvements with February update of AX 2012 R3

A monthly cadence AX 2012 R3 update for February has just come out on LCS, and with it a few changes our team has done that deal with overall behavior and performance of WMDP - the Warehouse Mobile Devices Portal used in the Advanced warehousing module.

I want to call them out here, and if you are reading my blog to keep up to date with the Warehousing changes, I strongly encourage you to install the below changes:

  • A functional enhancement, that allows you to start execution of a work order that has some lines awaiting demand replenishment, processing the lines that can be picked already now
  • A performance optimization, that avoids updating certain persisted counters on the wave when work goes through its stages. 
    • This also ensures they do not get out of sync, as they were used to make certain decisions about what is allowed for a work order
    • Can also be downloaded individually as KB3217157
  • An integrity enhancement, that ensures we always are in a valid state in DB, where each service call from WMDP is now executed within a single transaction scope
    • Can also be downloaded individually as KB3210293
    • Can be turned off in code for a selected WHSWorkExecuteDisplay* class, if needed
    • This is a great change ensuring we do not commit any data unless all went well, but might hypothetically impact your new/modified WMDP flows, if you handle your exceptions incorrectly today. If you do find issues with them, please let me know, I am curious to know your specific examples.
  • Various minor enhancements, that ensure WMDP performs well under load
    • Can also be downloaded individually as KB3210293
    • This includes improvements to enable better concurrency in various WMDP scenarios, better error handling on user entry, etc.

Again, install these, try them out, and provide feedback!

There are a lot more enhancements and bug fixes that went into this release, you can read the full list by following the link below:


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