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Monday, February 08, 2021

[Ann] Warehouse management app for Dynamics 365 SCM is in Public Preview

The day has come when we are ready for Public preview of the reworked Warehouse management app. 


The Warehouse Management app is a complete remake, using the “frontline worker” visual style, as seen in Production floor execution and HoloLens Guide. The new design concepts are based on extensive usability studies including a broad worker population. The solution is designed to help workers be more efficient, productive, and better able to complete work accurately.

The new solution provides the following benefits and capabilities:

  • Faster task execution
    • “Spinner” for fast quantity input
    • Buttons easy to hit with gloves
    • Clear text on dirty screens
    • Buttons in best corner for user’s grip
  • Easier ramp-up of temp workers
    • Title and illustration per step
    • Full-screen photo to verify product
  • Solves top user pain points
    • Menu hard to use
    • Gray text hard to read
    • Hard to learn what step means
  • Settings sync’ed from FnO
    • Instruction per task step, company can edit
  • Great foundation for next steps
    • Meets WCAG 2.1 accessibility with focus on situational disabilities
      • Scales text to 400%
      • Scales buttons to 200%
    • Scaling to fit any device type
      • Based on resulting sizes of elements
      • Swaps parts
      • Changes layout sequence


You can watch a quick overview of the new app in below video recording (by Markus Fogelberg, our PM):

Or go in for a more in-depth look at some of the scalability / user configuration features available in the new app (also recorded and voiced over by Markus):



There's still work to be done to iron out the kinks here and there, but we are proud of what we've been able to build here, and would love to hear your feedback on it, so please don't be shy :)

The best way to reach us for this is through Yammer - if you are not familiar or do not know how to connect, reach out to me in the comments or through other community sites, and I'll set you up!