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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tool: Update: User preferred startup menu for AX 2012

I have over the last year received a couple mails and comments from people, asking to publish an update for the below tool for AX 2012

There aren't really any serious changes to it as such, just some minor things.
Again, note, that there are a few changes to some of the existing "high profile" AOT elements, so please read through the description of changes in the above post.

Download updated xpo

Monday, March 11, 2013

Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey 2013

The time of the annual Microsoft Dynamics Salary survey is again upon us.

Here's the official invite. Please participate, so we can make the data accurate statistically. They also have prizes for people participating.. :)
Link to start the Microsoft Dynamics Salary survey
Take the Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey 2013 for a Chance to Win a Microsoft Surface Pro (128 GB), the Nokia Lumia 920 or Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle
Nigel Frank International would like to invite you to complete our annual Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey. 
Take the survey and you will automatically be entered into our prize draw to win a Microsoft Surface Pro (128 GB), the Nokia Lumia 920 or Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle.
You will also receive a FREE copy of the Salary Survey report once it has been compiled.
The industry acclaimed annual “Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey” is the world’s most comprehensive insight into global salary trends for Dynamics professionals. Use the survey to benchmark your team's, company's or your own salary.