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Monday, September 18, 2023

[Announcement] Tech Talks for Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Sustainability in business

Sustainability is not a new topic, but for a lot of companies this has been overlooked or not prioritized in previous years. With all the impact from climate change in recent years however, it is coming more and more into focus, with shareholders demanding to see companies making tangible progress on reducing their overall impact on the environment through reduction of their carbon emissions, better management of their water consumption and generated waste.

Regulation from the government, like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) coming into effect in Europe, and SEC issuing a similar proposal in the US, is only going to increase the pressure on companies to get their Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) reporting in order.

With Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, and Microsoft Sustainability Manager (MSM) in particular, Microsoft has been leading the charge to help companies embrace their ESG journey and enable them to reduce the entry barriers and costs associated with this monumental shift in how they conduct their business sustainably.

Microsoft Sustainability Manager has now been generally available for 1 year, with a vibrant partner community quickly upskilling their staff on selling and supporting MSM, we still get feedback from both partners and customers, that they need more learning material to become available on sustainability in general and Microsoft's vision and approach to it with MSM in particular.

Let's talk Sustainability

That's why we have recently launched a new type of content on Microsoft Learn, called Let's talk Sustainability, where people from the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability Product Group share their knowledge on the product, answer common questions and have a dialog around how to approach some of the more complex parts of collecting and preparing your data for regulatory reporting.

Let's Talk Sustainability

We're starting off with 3 videos, covering the basics of:

You can find these and any new tech talks that have been added since the writing of this post through the following link: 

Let's Talk Sustainability: Tech Talks | Microsoft Learn

What's next?

Are there any specific topics about Sustainability, Emissions Impact Dashboard, Microsoft Sustainability Manager, Microsoft Sustainability APIs, project ESG Lake, or anything else, that you would like to learn more about? 

Let us know by leaving a comment below!