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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Development tutorial link: Extending the Warehouse management functionality after application seal


At the Dynamics 365 for Operations Technical Conference earlier this year, Microsoft announced its plans around overlayering going forward. If you have not heard it yet, here's the tweet I posted on it:

 AppSuite will be "soft sealed" in Fall 2017 release and "hard sealed" in Spring 2018 - move to use  in your solutions

However the application SYS code still has a number of areas which are difficult to impossible to customize without overlayering. One of such areas is the Warehouse management area.


In the SCM team we have been focusing on improving our Extensibility story in the application, which also includes the above mentioned warehousing area.

Below are a few posts Michael posted recently describing some of the changes we have done in the Warehouse management area, which are now available as part of Microsoft Dynamics for Operations Spring 2017 preview.
This should allow customizing the warehousing functionality to a large degree without the need to overlayer the code.

Extending WHS – Adding a new flow
Extending WHS – Adding a new control type
Extending WHS – Changing behavior of existing control types
Extending WHS – Adding a new custom work type
Extending WHS – Adding a new location directive strategy

Please look through these changes and let us know if YOUR functional enhancements are still impossible, so we can get them addressed.