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Friday, July 15, 2016

Walkthrough: Manual creation of Load packing structure in Warehouse management, Dynamics AX


In the current version of Dynamics AX we have the ability to receive advanced shipping notes (ASNs) from vendors, store the corresponding shipment information, and then use this information to make receiving processes more efficient. Receiving an ASN is currently only available for products and warehouses that are enabled for advanced warehouse management processes (the so-called WHS-items and warehouses).

You can learn about importing inbound ASN files by following this link, where in my blog post I described that process in detail. 

Here we will walk through an example of manually registering the ASN information in the system. 
This could for example be used, if we are unable to import a specific ASN file format, having receiving an advance shipping note from the vendor. Or, if we want to rely on this functionality to “build-up” a pallet to be received, without actually having EDI document exchange with the vendor.

Here's a link to the video recording on YouTube.


If you follow with the above walk-through, here is how the Load packing structure should look:

Load packing structure created as a result
Resulting Load packing structure


One other thing I did not pay much attention to were the UOM used for the lines, having interchangeably used 'ea' and 'pcs'.

Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Announcement: Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft AppSource

Today Microsoft made a big announcement related to Dynamics and its future.

Please take the time to read the announcement and comment below on what you think this means and how important of a change it is for us.