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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

(DAX 3.0) SysExportDialog form extension

After working for some time with DAX 4.0 you can't help but notice the names given to exported xpo files - all the objects all prefixed with the type of the exported object.
I found this to be very convenient, that's why I wanted to lay my hands on the SysExportDialog form and add this feature in there as well.
And that's exactly what I did today.

This turned out to be a task a little harder than I'd hoped, because there are special methods on the TreeNode class that allow to see the type of the object. Those methods are not present in DAX 3.0 yet, so I had to write something similar (probably on a more primitive way, as this is the only place the code will be used - unlike the DAX 40 modifications which are now available everywhere the Treenode Class is used)

Also, I "fixed" a small issue that was present in DAX 4.0 with this: exporting an entire node of objects (e.g, Forms) resulted in the following name of the file : "_Forms.xp".

Anyway, here is the xpo file -- notice the neat name of the file ;). -- download Form_SysExportDialog.xpo
The file contains the SysExportDialog form only.
The original form was taken from DAX 3.0 SP5 KR2.

Hope you like it as much as I do ;)

Monday, May 14, 2007

3 great Tabax Plugins

As you might already know, starting with version 0.3 of Tabax, plug-ins are allowed to subscribe to events fired by the Tabax form. This fact couldn’t be left unnoticed. J So here are 3 plugins that you might consider useful for your DAX installations.

Before installing any of the plugins, you need to install Tabax 0.3 or later and the DEV_TabaxSDK
Use the following link to download the latest version of Tabax and SDK:

(homepage -

This is a very simple plugin, based on a tool I made a while ago (you can download the original EditorScript at
This tool is available only to developers (SysDevelopment security key).

Installation instructions are very simple: just import the project and refresh the AOD (this is specifically needed for the rich AX4 client)
Now you can open AOT objects just by typing their name in the Tabax form edit box (prefixed with ‘go’).
Here are a couple of examples:

  • “go InventTable” will open the Tables\InventTable node.
  • “go InventDimDevelop” will open the Macros\InventDimDevelop, etc.

DEV_TabaxPlugin_RecentProjects - download

(homepage -

This plugin, when started (which happens automatically on startup of Tabax), adds a button on the Tabax toolbar. (it resembles an ‘Undo’ button).

This plugin keeps track of projects you use during the day, providing for a simple and fast way to open one of them.

This tool is available to developers only. If you do not have developer rights, the button will not be added to the toolbar.

Here is a list of what will happed when the button on the toolbar is pressed:

  1. A context menu is rolled down showing the list of projects recently used. (maximum 15 projects are shown, but the number can be changed in the plugin ClassDeclaration method)
  2. The first 10 entries are assigned hotkeys (1 to 10 (0) respectively).
  3. If Ctrl key is pressed, the last closed project is opened (the selection form is skipped).
  4. If Shift key is pressed, the selection form is opened, providing more functionality than the context menu.
  5. In the context menu of the selection form you can find menu Items that clear the contents of the recent projects list or control startup project settings.
  6. You can cancel the form by pressing Esc or the CloseDialog button in the top right corner

To users using Sidax this button will be very familiar, as it mostly copies the functionality available on the RecentProjects tab there.

DEV_TabaxPlugin_RecentWindows - download

(homepage -

This plugin, when started (which happens automatically on startup of Tabax), adds a button on the Tabax toolbar. (it resembles a green ‘Recycle Bin’).

This plugin keeps track of windows you use during the day, providing for a simple and fast way to open one of them again.

This includes editor windows, AOT object windows and regular Axapta forms (this does not include forms opened from other forms).

This tool is available to both dev and non-developers. If you do not have developer rights, the AOT and editor windows are not kept track of and the recent windows list is used solely for DAX forms.

The nice part of this is the specific record you last used is remembered as well, so you can reopen a form and start working with the record right away. (AxPath is used for this)

The functionality of the toolbar button is similar to DEV_TabaxPlugin_RecentProjects.

That's it. Come back for more :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Now I am a MCBMSS in Dynamics AX

More than 2 years have passed since the day I took my last certification exam.

Today I passed the AX 40-508 (DAX 4.0 Development Introduction) exam, so now I am a Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist in Dynamics AX.

Don't you love it how certification titles get longer and longer every time their name is changed? :)

As for the exam itself, I should say that it was a little bit of a disappointment. At least, I was expecting more from it. Basically, it was the same DAX 3.0 Development Exam, with only 5 or so questions added for Dynamics AX 4.0. Of course, it's a DEV INTRODUCTION exam, so I guess I shouldn't be expecting much from it.

Anyway, I will be anxiously waiting for the MorphX Solution Developer Exam. Hope they will actually try to write some new questions for this one. ;)