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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

(DAX 3.0) SysExportDialog form extension

After working for some time with DAX 4.0 you can't help but notice the names given to exported xpo files - all the objects all prefixed with the type of the exported object.
I found this to be very convenient, that's why I wanted to lay my hands on the SysExportDialog form and add this feature in there as well.
And that's exactly what I did today.

This turned out to be a task a little harder than I'd hoped, because there are special methods on the TreeNode class that allow to see the type of the object. Those methods are not present in DAX 3.0 yet, so I had to write something similar (probably on a more primitive way, as this is the only place the code will be used - unlike the DAX 40 modifications which are now available everywhere the Treenode Class is used)

Also, I "fixed" a small issue that was present in DAX 4.0 with this: exporting an entire node of objects (e.g, Forms) resulted in the following name of the file : "_Forms.xp".

Anyway, here is the xpo file -- notice the neat name of the file ;). -- download Form_SysExportDialog.xpo
The file contains the SysExportDialog form only.
The original form was taken from DAX 3.0 SP5 KR2.

Hope you like it as much as I do ;)

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