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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My first attempts in Dynamics AX 4.0 SP1

Last week I started trying out what is Dynamics AX 4.0 SP1 European Version (Russian Localization included), creating a project for data import using ODBC connection (from an external SQL database).

In the process, I decided to take note of what I like in the new release, and also write down any bugs I find so that someone can send them over to Microsoft to be fixed.
(this is compared to Dynamics AX 3.0 SP3, but also tried out in Dynamics AX SP5 KR2)

Here is the small list I got so far:
New features:
  1. When pressing Enter to go to the next line in the X++ Code Editor window, the cursor is automatically positioned on the same column as the previous line. This was also present in DAX 3.0, but only after 2 lines are positioned in the same way (when adding a lot of conditions in the where clause, for example). But, there is a small 'bug' here. If you put the cursor at the end of a line of code, press Enter, the cursor will automatically get positioned under the line. Press Tab to indent one time. And then hit Enter again. The cursor is supposed to be directly under the line in the same column. But instead, it is position in the first column of the next line.
  2. When exporting any object to an .xpo file, the file gets a friendlier name, prefixed with the type of object that is being exported. For example, if you export the InventTable form, the file name would be 'Form_InventTable.xpo', which is pretty cool and helps to find the needed xpo file easier later.
  3. The Hot Keys for the Dynamics Debugger have been changed from F7, F8 to F10, F11. This is very inconvenient at first. And not just because you have to press different keys now. But because the F7 key actions were moved to F11, and F8 - to F10. By now I was used that the left key would take me deaper into the implementation. now it's vise versa.

And here is the bug list (some of them might have been fixed by now, or moved to the Known Issues, but I am unaware of this, sorry):

  1. The multiline comments are not colored correctly. The first slash is black, if the multiline comment spreads over more that one line. The rest of the comment is green, as it should be.
  2. In the table browser form, the UPDATE_RECORDSET command crashes Dynamics AX.
  3. After compiling a project, some of the tables in it are marked as DIRTY (red line near the name). This does not happen to all of the tables, but to those that it does, it happens all the time. Walkthrough: select a table in the AOT, compile it. (no changed done to the table). Then, compile the project. The previously selected table is marked in red. also, one of the tables in my project is always marked dirty after compilation.

That's all I have stumbled upon so far. And I am pretty sure more is to come. ;)

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  1. Good luck Ivan!

    We have recently completed an upgrade to Dynamics AX 4.0 SP1 from Axapta 3.0 SP5/KR3 and it's been very rocky.

    - Simon


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