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Friday, March 16, 2007

AxCreateNewProject version 1.3.2 released

Updated the project for creating projects ;) to version 1.3.2

Download link

Change log:
  • When a project is updated, or "duplicated", the project settings are not stored, so that the node selections and project name & prefix are as they were last time the project was actually created. Most of the developers have a fixed project prefix and name, and layout. But sometimes, rarely we have to modify the layout. Then, when we need to create another project, we have to reset the settings to the stardard layout we used. Well, now we do not have to do it outselves.
  • The "Copy Objects" button is always visible now, only disabled when not needed - this is done to promote the using of this feature, as I gather that most devs don't even know that it exists. :)
  • MenuItemButton text has been modified to show the behaviour when pressing Ctrl (updating a project)
  • Another project group node was added to the dialog - More... This group node contains the rest of the Data Dictionary Nodes. By default, it is collapsed, because rarely used. The rest of the AOT nodes (SystemDocumentation nodes) will not be included.

Also, the tutorial on MultiSelect options has been updated slightly, giving the opportunity to test Set(Types::Record) and InventTable.setTmp(). See homepage for details.

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