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Monday, May 24, 2021

[Tutorial] Find your Device ID and Warehouse management app version


The two basic things support needs any time you log a support case is your application version, as well as your session id or similar, plus the timestamp of when the issue occurred. This helps troubleshoot the specific issue reported.

Well, with the Warehouse management app, it's pretty much the same. We'd like to know the app version you're running, as well as the Device ID of the device where the issue happened, plus the timestamp of the issue.

In this post I'll describe how to retrieve these two pieces of information, as this is not as obvious as we would hope.

Modern app

Step by step guide to find app version and Device Id

New version released

I would also like everyone to know, that we have this past week shipped the new version of the app, version Here is the change log for this version:


## Fixed issues:

- Submit button incorrectly enables depending on window size.

- Slider can't proceed on smaller screens when button size is larger.

- Four button overly being cut.

- Keyboard does not support delete button.

- Brightness issue when keyboard pressed.

- Various demo data issues.

- Details page issue for numeric fields.

- Disappearing on screen keyboard on some devices.

- Various UI bugs including background color, positioning, etc.

- Improved UI with Russian language.

- Fixed various crashes.

- Calculator re-opening problem.

- [Android] Android 4.4 crash on start-up.

- Client secret not hidden in connection settings setup.

##New Features:

- Long press any text to see it fully.

- [Android] Reduced minimum scaling to 50%.

- Improved error message when missing storage permission.

- New control sequences on certain flows.

Black and Green app

Step by step guide to find app version and Device Id


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