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Friday, June 10, 2016

Tutorial: Moving inventory out of a location to complete a put away inbound operation


As some of you have probably already read in this blog post, we have recently made some improvements for the inbound flow in Warehouse management, and I wanted to do a quick recording demoing an example which uses some of these capabilities.

For some additional information about the different types of movement flows currently supported please follow to another blog post we've recently published.

Another reason for publishing this particular scenario recording is that we are currently working on another improvement, this time focusing on adding more flexibility for inventory movement operations, where there are work reservations blocking the items in the location from being moved anywhere else. This is a known pain point for a number of customers, and if all goes well, we'll have it addressed in the Fall release of the new Dynamics AX.

The scenario recording is covering one such flow, except for the fact of existing work reservations - in my example there will be none.

I am trying out uploading this to Office Mix, as well as YouTube. Let me know if you like the Office Mix approach - I think it's pretty cool as it makes it possible to browse the recording to a specific point more easily.


YouTube video:

Question for you

As you can see from the above video, the approach John took is to cancel out of the Put, complete the movement, and then continue the Put.
An alternative could be to complete the put, even though physically the goods are not yet placed into the location, and then create the movement, but in this case we are for a period of time out of sync with the app.

Please leave a comment if the above approach is not a good match for your company, and explain what approach you use instead and why.


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