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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Announcement: Instructor-led course: Advanced Deployment of WMS in Retail and Wholesale Warehouses with AX 2012 R3

Hey guys

It's kind of late notice, but still wanted to send this out in case you can make it.

There's a 3 day course next week (May 2 -  4) taking place in Lyngby, Denmark, led by Steve Mulaik, which will cover the WHS implementation topics targeting Retail and Wholesale industries.

To register for the course follow the link below:

Here's a summary of the content:

The Advanced Deployment of Warehouse Management (WMS) in Retail is a 3-day instructor-led course to help address the unique needs of customers and partners deploying the Warehouse Management module within retail warehouses. The student will gain exposure to what makes retail warehouses different and how should the new Warehouse Management System (WMS) released in AX 2012 R3 be configured to meet many of these needs as well as what customizations customers or partners may want to provide to enhance the base offering even further. The course will focus on the needs of both ecommerce and brick & mortar retailers by using a case study built around a fictitious multi-channel retailer. The materials covered will include:
  • Inbound requirements & setup
  • eCommerce outbound requirements & setup
  • Internal warehouse operations
  • Brick & Mortar outbound requirements & setup
While not focusing on scenarios for distributors and wholesalers, the focus on retail scenarios in this course allows partners operating in the distribution sector to understand what the product can do for these industries because there is noticeable overlap in requirements. The scenarios covered will not include any integration to Production, however. 

Worth noting is that there will be a repeat of this course in June (June 6 - 8) in Gurgaon, India

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