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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tutorial: Warehouse Mobile Devices Portal for the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX

A lot of people have been trying to use the Warehouse Mobile Devices Portal (WMDP in short) on the latest version of AX (on various CTP builds we've released), and have been having a lot of trouble with that.

We've finally published the wiki article on installing the portal on a clean environment, that contains step by step instructions on how to download the installer, and how to configure it after installation to connect to the AOS. It's available here:

Also, for those who just want to quickly execute some warehouse work and are used to the WMDP emulator form - that one is still available, and can be accessed very easily through the following link

(where you need to replace with the URL of your AX)

Hope this helps!

And let us know if you have feedback on the installation instructions wiki page through whatever way you prefer.


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