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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Advertisement: MDCC is looking for talent!

Hello, all.

Microsoft Development Center in Copenhagen has a number of open positions for Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs), to work in the team responsible for shipping the latest version of the Microsoft Dynamics AX product.

Below is a detailed description of one of the currently open positions (SDET II role). Salary level and title are based on your education, number of years of experience, etc., nothing new here. Dynamics AX background is, of course, a plus (I assume this applies to all my readers).
The Microsoft Dynamics AX product group has an open position for a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) within our supply chain management teams. The position provides unique opportunities for professionals with a diverse background of business acumen and software engineering to work on one of the fastest growing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products in the market.

Write and review technical requirements and design documents
Plan, design, and write code for automated tests of features within the supply chain management features of Dynamics AX
Create and use test tools and processes to both increase effectiveness in the daily work and assure quality of the product
Collaborate with other engineers to ensure all feature areas achieve the desired high level of innovation and quality our customers demand.

We are looking for engineers with a strong background in object oriented development. Experience with business applications or ERP solutions are pluses.

Software development experience, particularly within C#, C++ or similar object oriented programming languages
Strong technical and analytical skills
Excellent problem solving and design skills
Ability to work independently - and in teams
An excellent command of written and spoken English
Experience with Microsoft Dynamics AX or ERP products is a plus
Experience with X++ (a Dynamics AX language) is a plus
Software testing experience with an organized and structured approach is also a plus

We are also looking for less experienced people for the IAESTE student program, so all you excellent Computer Science students, interested in developing business applications and working for one of the world's leading software companies, welcome!

If you are interested in applying for the positions, please e-mail me your up-to-date CV at ivan.kashperuk(@nospam)

An additional request I would like to make is to leave a comment here, if you are invited to an interview, describing how it went, how you were treated, and what your impression was of the entire process, the MDCC campus, the interviewers, etc. This will help us make improvements in our hiring process, so I am really waiting for your comments. Note that anonymous comments are allowed.

Some additional information about MDCC:
Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC) was created in 2002 following the acquisition of the Danish company Navision. Today, it has grown to be Microsoft’s biggest development center in Europe and a spearhead in the European IT industry. MDCC is Microsoft’s Center of Excellence for Supply Chain Management and drives the development of several of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) products. Our products enable companies throughout the world to optimize the planning of their resources – and increase their revenues.

Today, the development center gathers around 650 people from more than 40 different countries. Every third employee is a non-Dane and that makes MDCC to one of the most international companies in Denmark. MDCC has been widely awarded for its unique work culture and is a coveted career booster for top talents from all over the world.


  1. When will Dynamics 6 launch / be released?

  2. I am sorry, Johan, but I am not allowed to answer this.

  3. HI, its nice to see a blog from MDCC worker. Please advice me if you could, I been through the interview proces and had offered a job(full time student worker). I didn't have the opportunity to start working at MDCC becuase of Danish work permit. Now I've the work permit and preparing for the exam MB6-819 by the end of this month. Do you think this could help me to get another call from MDCC?

  4. Hi, sorry I didn't leave contact details on my last post. I was with interview process with MDCC and been offered a job(Full time student worker)but didn't have the opportunity to star because of my Danish workpermit. Now I've work permit and preparing for the exam MB6-819, do u think it could help me to get another call from MDCC?

  5. zemlyn@mail.ru8/02/2010 07:47:00 AM

    is the position still opened?

  6. Hi, Moyamer.
    That did not help with the link, since you don't have a blogger profile.

    I am not sure exactly what went wrong in your situation, but if you got a job offer once, I am pretty sure they would be more than willing to talk to you again.

  7. I love Copenhagen, and AX development. Perhaps we will chose Denmark as our next home.

  8. Hello Vanya!
    How do you think, Have I chances to get this kind of job?

  9. I don't know. But if you are interested, you cannot really find that out unless you try and apply for it.

  10. Hi,
    Iam Dhinu.v from India. iam a new commer for AX 2009 can u help me by sending some use ful demo projects and tutorials with codes to my emailID give below

  11. Hi Dhinu.
    Well, that's a strange question.
    They are all available on the internet, including here on my blog.
    Moreover, they are also available inside AX (all object where name starts with tutorial_)
    Not sure how exactly you want me to help you here.


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