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Monday, October 26, 2009

Mock objects implementation for AX

As you might now, I am working as a Software Development Engineer in Test at Microsoft Development Center in Denmark.

But the only real test framework that comes with AX is the SysTest framework (you can read more about it here).

Below you will find another framework for Dynamics AX, that was written by one of the members on my test team and allows to implement and use mock objects for testing the AX application.

More information and download link

It would be great if you could try it out and provide your feedback here or directly on the author's blog.


  1. Hi

    I have a question regardng the SysTest framework.

    We tried to solve the "Keep tests independent" problem with database interaction, by using a transaction scope.

    To bypass the DAX problem with ttsbegin->try/catch->ttsabort we started a transaction directly using SQL:
    new Connection().createStatement().executeUpdate('begin tran AcceptTest');
    after the test has run we do a RollBack.
    This worked fine even with try/catch.

    Our problem is that any select within the transaction is "Read comitted", so newly inserted records cannot be seen.
    This would have worked if used ttsbegin/ttsabort.

    Have you tried this approach ?
    Is it possible ?

    It would be a VERY nice feature in the SysTest framework to have a SysTestSuiteTTS class implemented with a "Back ground sql transaction".

    You are welcome to contact me at

    Jesper Jensen

  2. Hi Vanya, I'm not able to find ths download link. It seems interesting to take a try to this Mock Objects. It would be helpful if you can put it to download if you can. Thanks!


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