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Friday, March 14, 2008

AxForum in English / AxForum auf Deutsch

There was a blog post recently about using Google Translate! to read posts on AxForum, one of the best communities there is on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Here is the direct link to AxForum translated from Russian to English with Google Language Tools (Google might think you are a virus, so you in some cases will have to input a verification line to continue)

What I would like to point out and promote here, is the fact that AxForum actually has support for User Interface in English and German, and sub-forums in both languages:

AxForum in English
AxForum in German (auf Deutsch)

There aren't many posts there at the moment, but all AxForum members would be glad to help anyone who posts a question in one of these sub-forums (if they know that language, of course). So don't be shy and visit the sub-forums when you are in doubt or have a problem you cannot solve on your own.

You can find the original post about Google and AxForum here

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  1. This is a good news for me. In the past, i had to use google translate to read articles in this forum. Thanks in advance.


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