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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tabax plugins' update - RecentWindows, RecentProjects

After developing 3 great tabax plugins I was feeling a little unsatisfied, because I wanted to add images to the popup menues.

AndyD has developed a class that allows me to do this now.

The project containing the class with the images is "shipped" separately. Depending on where you want to see images in your popups menues or not, you will be able to import it separately if you do.

You can use the following links to download the projects (version 0.1.1) and the MenuImages class.

RecentProjects v. 0.1.1 -download
RecentWindows v. 0.1.1 - download
Class MenuImages - download

Alternatively you can download them from their homepages on Axaptapedia.

RecentProject - homepage
RecentWindows - homepage

Screenshot: (RecentWindows)


  1. RecentProjects does not work as intended, the project name is prepended with "Project ", so Axapta can't find it in the AOT.

  2. I inserted this in openProject:

    if (_projectName)
    if (strFind(_projectName,' ',1,999))
    _projectName = substr(_projectName, strFind(_projectName,' ',1,999) + 1, 999);

  3. Hello, Jan

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Could you specify the specific setup you have so that I could research this issue.

    Because noone else had an issue with this.
    I personally use this tool every day 20 times a day.

    Please feel free to e-mail me at


  4. AX 4.0 SP1 RTM (4.0.2163.0) danish language.

    You should remove the initial "Project " in title as identified by isProjectWindow().

  5. Actually, I meant not the version of your DAX application, but the version of your Tabax form and RecentProjects plugin.

    You see, Tabax passes the title of the window without the prefix already in method afterWindowOpened, that's why I have to check whether it is a project window by using the window handle and getting the caption again myself.

    That's why I am thinking your setup is outdated.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Tabax 0.3.2 and RecentProject 0.1.1.

    Maybe the new Tabax no longer removes the prefix?

  8. I think I figured out what the problem is.
    As far as I can tell, you are using the Danish language in Tabax.

    I use the following line to identify a project:

    whereas Maxim uses the following macro:

    #prefix("Проект ")
    #prefix("Development project ")
    #prefix("Project ")

    Which means that only English and Russian are supported :))

    I have sent him a message asking to fix this issue.

    If this is not the case and you are not using language other than English, I have no idea why you are getting this error :)

  9. I think you got it!
    Thanks, great plugins by the way.

    Now, weekend :-7


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