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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Adding Menu References

Many developers often find it very confusing when trying to add a menu reference into an existing menu.
The reference just doesn't want to be added. :)
And what confuses even more is that some of the menus are added normally, while others are not!

Let's look at an example:
"After creating of a new menu - menu1, I want to add 2 existing menus into it as references: Cust and Vend.
I right-click the menu1 node and select add->menu reference. Drag over the Cust menu (and everything goes fine), and then I try to drag over the Vend menu - and it DOESN'T work! I am lost. what can be the reason for this?"

The explanation is simple:
The menus that were expanded since the time you launched the client, can't be added as references.
You can experiment with this: Try opening the AX client and dragging over a menu as a menu reference. You can see that it works. Now, expand the menu in the AOT and try adding it as a menu reference again. You can see that it is impossible to add it any more. So, to avoid having problems when adding a menu as a reference, you should re-enter the Axapta client and, before expanding the menu, add the needed menu as a reference.

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