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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hello, everyone.
This blog will mostly be about Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta).
(This is what I do for living and what I am interested in)
Also, here is a link to another resource of mine, where I am planning to store different projects and thoughts I consider interesting:

I want to start off with a small post about Axapta Label System.

I am translating a book on Axapta (MorphX IT, Steen Andreasen) into Russian language. I will tell about it in more detail in a little while, when the traslation is finished and proof-read.
So, while doing the translation of an Appendix chapter, I stumbled on something I have never read about in the past.

It's about searching labels in Axapta:
"When searching for a label using <> will narrow your search. If you want to look up the label 'Customer', it will perform faster by keying in <Customer> as only labels with the exact text 'Customer' will be found. To find all labels starting with 'Customer', you simply enter <Customer."

Also, as Max Belugin pointed out to me, regular expressions are used in the search.
You can read about different Regular expressions by opening the AOT node:
\System Documentation\Functions\match

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