Thursday, March 28, 2019

[Heads up] Explicit dependency required for enabling Process Guide based flows in Warehouse Mobile App


With release of version 8.1.3 (build numbers going as 8.1.227.xxxx), we introduced an additional configuration option on the Mobile device menu items, which controls whether or not the system will attempt using the Process Guide framework for executing a mobile flow
This is a temporary configuration option, and is supposed to serve two purposes:

  • Allow having a partially implemented Process Guide flow, where the customer will be able to decide if the scenarios the current implementation supports are sufficient to transition over, and get to experience the better performance, and be able to rely on the new flow with any tweaks and customizations necessary.
  • Allow to run both Process Guide and WHSWorkExecuteDisplay version of the flow side by side, for testing purposes (and as a risk mitigation in case the new flow has a blocking bug)
There is one small BUT, however.


For any flows that were implemented before version 8.1.3, where the customer is already live and has multiple mobile device menu items created that are relying on Process Guide, those will stop working, with an error "Invalid Work Execute Mode".


The very simple mitigation for the issue is to simply go and enable the check-box to use process guide on the mobile device menu item. 

Mobile device menu items - Use process guide radio button

Note There are also a number of SYS flows that only have the Process Guide version where we did not want people to be able to use the legacy one - those are not editable on the form and will always use Process Guide


We expect that the impact of this should be very minimal, as there aren't that many Process Guide based flows live on 8.1.2 or below.
But if you do encounter this, please use the mitigation above.



  1. Trying to create my own indirect process guide menu item. The method /Tables/WHSRFMenuItemTable/Methods/workActivityMustUseProcessGuideFramework is declared private. WHY, for God's sake?

    1. We have made it protected so you can wrap it in a later release.
      You should be able to wrap the one this one is called from, as that is public - the UI on the form won't display that your flow is using process guide, but that should not matter for the actual flow.

  2. I created a new menu item and the classes in order to controls the flow, but there's a problem when I try to enabled the radio button "use Process guide" located in Warehouse management > mobile devices > mobile devices menu item, it doesn't let me to change it to NO. Please help me

    Thanks in advanced.

    1. I'm not sure I follow. You are saying you are trying to enable the radio button, but then saying it does not allow you to change it to no. which one do you want? On or Off?
      You created the classes based on ProcessGuide, right? Not based on WHSWorkExecuteDisplay?


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